Book Trucks
Designed for libraries
Different styles available
Can be made for special requirements

Flat Trolley
Heavy duty trolley for book transport in library
Very strong ABS loading platform
Strong and silent casters
Foldable aluminium handle
Round corners avoid injury

Step Stool
Easy to clean, anti-rust
Plastic wheels with spring support
Firm contact to earth when loaded
Compact design for space saving

Book Bin
No more bending: easy access to the contents on the spring loaded platform
Used for collecting books with sorting machines and bookdrops
Sturdy, reinforced aluminium frame
Load capacity can vary from 150 to 200 books
Wheels: silent casters, 100mm, ball bearings
Soft buffer to protect books
Round corners avoid injury

Book Return
Freestanding book return: up to 200 books
One-way sliding chute
Locking metal swing door
Powder coated or stainless steel housing
Book bin inside with spring loaded platform
Stainless steel used for book contact panel
3 direction opening for bin exchange
Perfectly sealed, suitable for outdoor use
Bolts to the floor