Acrylic Book Stands


Very popular and versatile display stand.

All-round front display of books, literature, AV-media such as CDs and DVDs, etc.

Material: Clear acrylic

Item No.: E3424/E3442 Linnea/Anneli


Arouse curiosity!

An attractive acrylic stand with high finish and a unique style, for standard books.

Material: Dyed acrylic, PMMA

Item No.: E3565/E3566/E3567   White/Black/Wine

Book Stand, Compact L
Compact acrylic stands for standard size books.

Material: Clear acrylic

Item No.:E0452  120x130x150mm

Stackable Stand, with lipAll-round, stackable acrylic stands for a wide range of books.

Material: Clear acrylic

Item No.:  C7002/C7003 M/L

Stackable Stand, Flat
Large stackable acrylic stands for most of the books.

Material: Clear acrylic 

Item No.: C7006/C7007 M/L

Stackable Stand, U

Dimensions:  200x240x230mm

Material: Clear or blue acrylic

Item No.: C7009/C7009A Clear/Blue

Reclining Book Stand

Dimensions:  150x180x100mm

Material: Clear acrylic

Item No.:  C7008  Clear


Dimensions:  120x200x165mm

Material: Clear acrylic, PMMA

Item No.: E3561/E3562  Orange/Green

Media Stand, 3 tiers

Freestanding, single-sided, 3-tier stand for forward-facing display of books.
The generous shelf depth allows for up to 2 books on top of each other.

Material: Clear acrylic, Lacquered metal tube

Dimensions:  200/600x340x465mm 

Item No.:  E6710/E6711 S/L