Oslo Display TowerGenerous and easily accessible storage

Mobile tower for storage and display of magazines, periodicals, annuals, etc. 16 transparent acrylic holders provide perfect display for periodical front covers.

Dimensions: 628x628x1610mm  Material:  melamine coated particle board, clear acrylic

Compartments: 16 of 320x255x355mm

Item No.: E4357/E4358/E4366 White/Birch/Dark Grey

Ordrup Magazine display CabinetTempting display, functional storage
Design matches functionality! The Ordrup magazine display meets both the need for display and for storage.

Use the display against a wall or as a room-divider to help create just the right atmosphere.
The Ordrup magazine display is available both single- and double-sided and is, as standard, delivered in white or black melamine coated particle board.

Item No.: E4500 3x3, white;  E4501 3x3, black;  E4502 3x4, white;  E4503 3x4, black

Look Me Up Exclusive magazine box

Acrylic magazine boxes for displaying and storing magazines. Current magazines and periodicals are stored in a compartment behind the flap (lift and insert) and the fold-down lid also serves as a display holder for the latest issues. Can be placed on a shelf or mounted on a wall. Exclusive look in scratch-resistant, frosted acrylic.

Item No.:  E50342/E50343/E50344  Frosted white/Green/Blue

Dimensions: 303x303x1415mm
Item No.:  C7013

Dimemsions:  450x450x1365mm;
Item No.: C7011

Mag Zigzag Acrylic magazine display

Elegant display for magazines. To be placed on even surfaces, such as shelves or display podiums.
Available with 9 or 12 compartments.

Item No.: E34410/E34411 12/9 compartments

Flap Vertical display for magazines
It presents the options wall-mounted or standing, with adjustable feet or casters. Shelves may be on one side or both.
Item No.: S7031 Flap, wall-mounted;  S7032 Flap, Free standing, double sided
      S7033 Flap, single sided

HOOKED ON NEWSEasy-to-position periodical holder
Ideal wall-mounted acrylic holder with keyhole attachment for newspapers and other publications.

Item No.: E3521/E3522/E3523 Yellow/Orange/Dark Grey

NEWS EXPONewspaper display rack

Dimensions: 635x360x1080mm

Item No.: C7021  Silver

Newspaper Sticks
Aluminium stick, beech handle

Item No.: E2038/E2036/E2039 L525/600/765mm

       E2040 Stick Rack