Magazine & Newspaper Displays

Oslo Display TowerGenerous and easily accessible storage

Mobile tower for storage and display of magazines, periodicals, annuals, etc. 16 transparent acrylic holders provide perfect display for periodical front covers.

Dimensions: 628x628x1610mm  Material:  melamine coated particle board, clear acrylic

Compartments: 16 of 320x255x355mm

Item No.: E4357/E4358/E4366 White/Birch/Dark Grey

Ordrup Magazine display CabinetTempting display, functional storage
Design matches functionality! The Ordrup magazine display meets both the need for display and for storage.

Use the display against a wall or as a room-divider to help create just the right atmosphere.
The Ordrup magazine display is available both single- and double-sided and is, as standard, delivered in white or black melamine coated particle board.

Item No.: E4500 3x3, white;  E4501 3x3, black;  E4502 3x4, white;  E4503 3x4, black

Look Me Up Exclusive magazine box

Acrylic magazine boxes for displaying and storing magazines. Current magazines and periodicals are stored in a compartment behind the flap (lift and insert) and the fold-down lid also serves as a display holder for the latest issues. Can be placed on a shelf or mounted on a wall. Exclusive look in scratch-resistant, frosted acrylic.

Item No.:  E50342/E50343/E50344  Frosted white/Green/Blue

Dimensions: 303x303x1415mm
Item No.:  C7013

Dimemsions:  450x450x1365mm;
Item No.: C7011

Mag Zigzag Acrylic magazine display

Elegant display for magazines. To be placed on even surfaces, such as shelves or display podiums.
Available with 9 or 12 compartments.

Item No.: E34410/E34411 12/9 compartments

Flap Vertical display for magazines
It presents the options wall-mounted or standing, with adjustable feet or casters. Shelves may be on one side or both.
Item No.: S7031 Flap, wall-mounted;  S7032 Flap, Free standing, double sided
        S7033 Flap, single sided

HOOKED ON NEWSEasy-to-position periodical holder
Ideal wall-mounted acrylic holder with keyhole attachment for newspapers and other publications.

Item No.: E3521/E3522/E3523 Yellow/Orange/Dark Grey

NEWS EXPONewspaper display rack

Dimensions: 635x360x1080mm

Item No.: C7021  Silver

Newspaper Sticks
Aluminium stick, beech handle

Item No.: E2038/E2036/E2039 L525/600/765mm

       E2040 Stick Rack