RFID System

T-B RFID Book Tag

Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
Standard: ISO 15693 RFID book tag
Memory size: 1024 bit
Format: Wet inlay, paper tag
Antenna size: 45 x 45 mm or 45 x 76mm
AFI or EAS security code

New Quartz / Diamond Premium RFID Detection System
Fully digital configuration (DSP)
Reliable detection and theft prevention
Corridor widths from 900 to 1000mm
Multiple gate solutions are possible
Audible and visible alarm
Direct mount or buried conduit installation
Supported tags: ISO 15693
Self Check-out/in System
Functions: Self service: Check -in, check-out, renew
Touch PC: >27” LCD, i3/i5 CPU, 240G SSD, 4G RAM
RFID reader: 13,56 Mhz, ISO 15693
Item protection: RFID technology (EAS and/or AFI bit)
Supports LMS/iLS protocols SIP2
Patron identification: barcode or RFID ISO 14443
Hybrid system optional
Ruby Work Station (pad)
One step operation
Ergonomic on-counter installation
Safe to media and personnel
Compatible with all ISO RFID 
Works with library's ILS system
Conversion of Barcode to RFID

Blade PL-3000 Hand Held Device 

Ergonomic design, compact size
Durability, built for heavy use
2 years warranty
Standard Windows CE operating system and browser
Several communication alternatives
Large colour display

RFID Software Module
Mobile Check-out (NFC)
In Library Tracking
Book Location Guide

RFID System-LibraryTech NZ.pdf