Self Service System

Book Return & AGV Sorting System Model: AMR-BS 

Step 1: Patron puts the book through check-in terminal

Step 2: AGV takes book over and delivers into chute

Step 3: AGV swaps full bin and moves to staff station

Reserved Book Circulation Locker: SelfLox 
 (36/80/120/240 books capacity)
Staff:                     Patron:
1, Keeps the book reserved separately          1, Gets a TXT message
2, Scans the book ID, open one cabinet             
 2, Comes & scans ID card, the door opens

3, Puts book into cabinet, close the door         3, Collects the book, closes the door
             System finishes the check-out process

** Laptops reserved also can be circulated by this system

Circulation Assistant Station: CAS01
Let patron check out/in books under the monitoring by staff 

Located beside staff work station 

Touch PC for patron,synchronous monitor for staff

3 versions available: no security/EM tags/RFID

Operation during the busy period of circulation

Staff quick intervention by keyboard/mouse

Desktop Check-Out/In System: LST-N

Check-out/Check-in/Account Info./Renew/(Fee payment optional)
Compact design, suitable for all front desks
19 inch touch-screen interface
Unique Oscillating mirror Barcode Scanner
Integratable to RFID (HF/UHF) system
Hidden operation video recording
Thermal receipt printer & Metal Keypad (Optional)
Very easy for new users
CE certificated EM control system

Book Return & Sorting System: BRS
Combined sorting system with BR1
Sort to individual category (bin)
Very quiet running
Less than 4 seconds / book
Industrial level mechanism
Trouble-free operation

*** AGV driving, automatic full bin exchanging system available

Self Service Scanning and Check-out/in System : LST-S
Self Service Scanning ( overhead, A3)
Special book scanner integrated
RFID or Barcode check-out/in
Compact design for desktop use
High quality 21” tablet PC (controller)

Self Service-LibraryTech NZ.pdf