Display Furniture

Book Carousel

  • Display many books on limited area.         
  • Height: Maxi/1620mm, Midi/1340mm        
  • Diameter: 700mm               
  • Colour: white                
  • Lockable castors

Labyrinth Book Tower                                   

  • Material: MDF with fire resistant surface
  • Colour: white/grey with red / blue / green
  • 3 or 5 display levels
  • Movable with silent heavy duty castors
  • Size:W580 x D580 x H1100/1750 mm 

Emma Book Tower
  • Material: MDF with fire resistant surface
  • Colour: White / Black / Timber
  • 3 display levels
  • Movable with castors
  • Size: 940x940x1180mm

TreeWall Display

  • Width: 1922 mm
  • Depth: 100 mm                 
  • Height: 1650 mm 
  • Colour: Spring(green)/Winter(white)    
  • Material: lacquered metal

Wildlife Collection Browsers             
Material:     Formica®, laminated plywood                         
Elof  Dimensions: 780 x 1208 x 1000mm   
   Colour:  F7927 folkestone

Elna Dimensions: 780 x 1528 x 1328mm   
   Colour:  F7927 folkestone

Leopold  Dimensions: 835 x 740 x 863mm    
    Colour:   F7940 spectrum yellow

Dilly  Dimensions: 1548 x 354 x 358mm     
    Colour:    F7897 spectrum green

Gordon   Dimensions: 1018 x 736 x 904mm     
    Colour:  F2253 diamond black

Doris       Dimensions: 776 x 1006 x 989mm     
    Colour:  F4156 caramel

Ture  Dimensions: 386 x 602 x 325mm    
    Colour:  F6901 vibrant green
Magazine & Newspaper Displays
Mag Curve Curved metal magazine rack
Mag Revo Magazine carousel
Mag Zigzag   Acrylic 12-compartment magazine desktop display / wall mounted
Oslo    Square magazine display and storage tower
Ordrup     Magazine display and storage shelving
Buk     Polyethylene magazine rack
News Expo Newspaper display rack
Hooked on news Wall mount newspaper display rack

Expo Display and Exhibition Shelf             

  • An open, transparent and floating design
  • Encouraging ”quick pick”
  • Available both single- and double-sided
  • As starter- and add-on bays version
  • Build your own specific display

Maria Display and Exhibition Units

  • Versatile display with browser and seating function. 
  •  collection of three different "blocks", in three different heights, each with a removable lid.
  • Width: 500 mm Depth: 500 mm
  • Height: 400/600/800 mm; Colour: white/black 
  • Material: MDF with fire resistant surface

Quby Display and Exhibition Units

An incredibly versatile bookcase module, Quby is made in rotomoulded polyethylene. Thanks to its shape, it easily accommodates books of all sizes, DVDs and CDs and can be rested on the floor or combined and re-combined at will.   

Quattro Book Display Tower
  • Colourful tower for the front-facing display of books
  • Dimensions: 335x335x1540mm
  • Material:  Laminated plywood
  • Colour:  white/black/orange/green/blue
  • Supplied with 16 display holders
  • One set of castors or adjustable feet                                                                                                                                                                       

Hexa Book Display Case

Hexa is a modular bookcase made in polyethylene and inspired by nature.  Its cellular structure allows various ways to interconnect and interrelate, creating volumes that integrate the single modules in a flexible way into any kind of environment and usage. The hexagonal shape of Hexa has got a double reason: aesthetic and useful.

Book Browsers            
Material:    Formica®, laminated plywood
Box Mini/Midi/Maxi   Square book browser, 720 x 720 x 290/640/995mm
Sara Mini/Midi.Maxi  Round book browser,  985 x 757 x 289/639/989mm
Linnéa Classic picture book browser, with adjustable back panel
Little/Big Claus  Classic book browser

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