Labyrinth Book Tower                        
Material: MDF with fire resistant surface Colour: white/grey with red / blue / green

Dimensions: W580 x D580 x H1100/1750 mm ( 3 / 5 display levels)

Movability:  4 silent heavy duty castors, 2 of lockable

Item No.:  E5805  White/red, Large;   E5806  White/blue, Large;

        E5807  Grey/red, Large;     E5808  Grey/blue, Large;

        E5809  White/red, Small;   E5810  White/blue, Small;

        E5811    Grey/red, Small;     E5812  Grey/blue, Small;

Book Carousel Display many books on limited area

Height: Maxi/1620mm, Midi/1340mm       Diameter: 700mm               

Colour: white                    Movability: Lockable castors

Item No.: E36069  Midi;    E36080  Maxi

Emma Book Tower  
Material: MDF with fire resistant surface   Colour: White / Black / Timber

Dimensions: 940x940x1180mm        Movability: Lockable castors
Item No.:  E4361  White;  E4362   Anthracite;  E4363  Timber;

Quattro Book Display Tower      colourful tower for the front-facing display of books

Material: Laminated plywood   Dimensions: 335x335x1540mm
Colour:  white/black/orange/green/blue
*** Supplied with 16 display holders & one set of castors
Item No.:  E4478/E4479/E4480/E4481/E4482  White/Anthracite/Orange/Lime/Blue

Expo Display and Exhibition Shelf            Build your own specific display

An open, transparent and floating design
Encouraging ”quick pick”
Available both single- and double-sided
As starter- and add-on bays version
Item No.:  E4598  Single Bay;   E4599  Double Bay;