Signage Design

Merchandising Libraries delivers high quality signage and display tools that are made in Australia using premium materials by highly skilled staff. Designed in collaboration with International Library Consultant, Kevin Hennah, our products are tailored to the practical needs of libraries. Whether you choose from our standard range or prefer customised solutions, the Merchandising Libraries point of difference includes:

  • Design input from a Library Consultant who has carried out design and refurbishment consultations to approximately 2000 libraries internationally
  • Support from a team with extensive experience in design and fabrication
  • Products that are manufactured in Australia using premium materials with stringent quality control
  • Flame polished edging to increase safety and eliminate sharp edges on our range of acrylics

Fiction Divider Set (A-Z), Junior Fiction Divider Set, Condensed Fiction Divider Set and Dewey  Starter Set
Self-supporting, the base of these L-shaped Section Dividers sits under books, allowing each to be easily moved as the collection size changes

  • Uppercase letter printed on both sides
  • Individual letters on separate signs, exception of X,Y,Z which are combined on a single sign
  • Available in 2 sizes: Standard – 245mm tall, Mini – 150mm tall
  • Colour option: black or white

Non Fiction Divider Set, Junior Non Fiction Divider Set and Young Adult Non Fiction Divider Set

Sitting either 150mm or 245mm tall these dividers are made from 2.5mm recycled material.
The signs are self-supporting and have an L-shaped base which sits under the book.
Be inspired by our list of over 300 titles, or nominate your text and we will tailor the sign to your needs.

  • Colour option: black or white                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Front Facing Collection Dividers

Designed as an alternative to our popular Section Dividers, Front Facing Collection Dividers sit flush with the books. These are manufactured from highly durable satin black polypropylene with white text.  
Uppercase letter printed on the front of the sign.
  • Individual letters on separate signs with the exception of X,Y,Z which are combined on a single sign
  • Height: 215mm,
  • Width: 40mm,
  • Depth: 150mm   


Shelf Talkers

Self-supporting, the top of these L-shaped signs sits underneath the books allowing the signs to be easily slid along the shelf as the collection size changes. Simply nominate your text and we can customise to your needs.
Available in two sizes: Mini Shelf Talker – 225mm long with a 30mm front lip;
Shelf Talker – 400mm 
long with a 60mm front lip
  • Manufactured from 2.5mm Polypropylene ensures the books sit flat on top of the sign
  • Magnetic base helps the sign stay straight as books are removed
  • Try to use 1-2 words only on each sign or text could become too small
  • We are happy to tailor the text to your requirements    

3D Landscape Sign

Manufactured from 6mm satin black acrylic, these stylish signs are supplied with either magnetic or adhesive feet   

  • 120mm tall including feet
  • Maximum length is x 16 characters per sign (approx 800mm long) Length is dependant on the number of characters. 
  • Custom-made to order, nominate your own text
  • Other colours available
  • Feet colour: silver or black 


Landscape Sign

Be inspired by our existing lists, or nominate your own text and we will tailor the sign to your needs

  • Designed to sit on dust covers (canopy shelf), cross-poles or any flat surface
  • Supplied with silver or black metal feet that attach with a (supplied) allen key
  • Interchangeable single or double-sided plates
  • Feet available with magnetic or adhesive fixing
  • Dimensions: 500mm x 100mm, If you choose our premium landscape signs and your topic exceeds 17x characters a 700mm x 100mm sign will need to be used