RFID Label

Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
Standard: ISO 15693 RFID book tag
Memory size: 1024 bit
Format: Wet inlay, paper tag
Antenna size: 45 x 45 mm or 45 x 76mm
AFI or EAS security code

Item No.: C5001 Rectangular 54x86mm, book

       C5002 Square 55x55mm, book

       C5003 CD/DVD Hi-performance

New Quartz / Diamond Premium RFID Detection System
Fully digital configuration (DSP)
Corridor widths from 900 to 1000mm
Audible and visible alarm
Direct mount or buried conduit installation
Supported tags: ISO 15693
Item No.:
D2009     System 2, RFID, single aisle
D2010      System 3, RFID, dual aisle
D2013      System 2, RFID, single aisle
D2014      System 3, RFID, dual aisle
Self Check-out/in System
Functions: Self service: Check -in, check-out, renew
Touch PC: >27” LCD, i3/i5 CPU, 240G SSD, 4G RAM
RFID reader: 13,56 Mhz, ISO 15693
Item protection: RFID technology (EAS and/or AFI bit)
Supports LMS/iLS protocols SIP2
Patron identification: barcode or RFID ISO 14443
Item No.: D6001  Dialoc Ruby self service terminal
       C6002 Desktop "R" self service terminal
       C6004 Vertical self service kiosk

Ruby Work Station (pad)
One step operation
Ergonomic on-counter installation
Safe to media and personnel
Compatible with all ISO RFID 
Works with library's ILS system
Conversion of Barcode to RFID
Item No.: C5005

Blade PL-3000 Hand Held Device 

Ergonomic design, compact size
Durability, built for heavy use
2 years warranty
Standard Windows CE operating system
Several communication alternatives
Large colour display

Item No.:  C5006

RFID Software Module
Mobile Check-out (NFC)
In Library Tracking
Book Location Guide

RFID System-LibraryTech NZ.pdf