Book Care Products

Pelloplast Bio Book Covering Film
Vegetable-based BIO book covering films

Produced with renewable natural resources. 

Environmentally friendlier protection for the surfaces of books, magazines and other publications against dirt, moisture, and wear and tear.
90  μm thickness, Semi-gloss.

Roll size:
3/5/7/22/26/28/30/32/36/40/50cm x 25m
             22/26/28/30/32/36/40/50cm x 50m

Pelloplast Book Covering Film           
90 μm UV-stabilized soft - PP/PVC
Gloss or Matt
Reduced initial adhesion
With grid for easy cutting

Roll size: 


Rigid Plastic Sheet
Protect booklets, folders
Self-adhesive, rigid, transparent and glossy plastic film. Ideal for strengthening smaller booklets, folders, etc.
Material: Plastic PVC Thickness: 250 μm

Item No.:
 PS2233 220x330mm (100sheets/box)

        PS2216 220x165mm (200sheets/box)

Repairing Tape
Transparent white, extremely thin polyolefin film. The film can be disposed of by burning, or as unsorted waste. The silicone paper can be disposed of energy recoverable waste, or recycled for use by the sleeve industry.
Material: Polyolefin  
Item No.:

C8412 Roll, 3cm x 25m

"Invisible" Tape
Almost invisible on paper, this low sheen tape is recommended for mending damaged paper. Non- yellowing, and can be written on.

Item No.:   
C8413M 18mm x 33m

C8413W   24mm x 33m

White Vinyl Hinge Tape
Opaque white vinyl tape. Commonly used for book repairs and reinforcing book hinges. High flexibility and long lasting.
Item No.:
C8414 19mm x 50m

C8415    24mm x 50m
Single-stitched binder tape
Repairs one hinge. 
White tear-resistant tape with gummed back. Available in roll of 22m long.
Item No.:
C8408 38mm x 22m
C8409 50mm x 22m

Reinforcing Book Tape
Polyester backing is reinforced with continuous glass yarn. Resists nicks, abrasion, moisture, and scuffing. Choose from two widths.
Item No.: 
C8410 24mm x 50m
C8411  18mm x 50m

Unifold Dust Jacket Sleeving

Polyester is a chemically inert, durable material will not stretch.
Super Clear - Covers are acid-free polyester; will not yellow or crack with age.
Item No.:
8/9/10/12/14/15/16 inch height, 90m length Roll
Cloth Tape, vinyl-coated  
Perfect for binding and book repairs. Very strong, long lasting adhesive. 
Roll size:  48mm x 25m (standard)
Item No.:   
C8401/8402/8403/8404/8405/8406/8407     white/black/red/green/blue/yellow/brown

Essential Tools

Book Squeegee

A practical tool when working with book covering Ensures proper adhesion of plastic film to the cover, smooth out creases, air bubbles and uneven areas. It's made of PP body with felt on head.
Item No.:  C8422 Blue

Soft-Touch Scissors

Easily cuts through multiple layers of fabric and more. Highly resistant to corrosion and adhesives such as glue and tape. Ergonomic bent handles for a comfortable grip.            

Material: ABS+TPE, stainless steel      

Item No.:  C8418  175mm

Cutting Mats

Self healing cutting mats provide a stable, non slip cutting surface. Perfect for book covering use. Cuts in the surface close up and prevent long term damage. Grid marks help with straight and angle cutting.
Item No.: C8416/C8417  A3/A2 

Soft-Touch Big Cutter

Heavy-gauge stainless steel blade channel for super strength and durability. Blade cannot be pulled out of or pushed back into handle while cutting.

Material: Tool steel + steel housing

Item No.: C8419  175mm

Book Care Film-LibraryTech NZ.pdf

Stainless Steel Ruler

Professional grade metric rule. With inch to millimeter conversion table on back side. Strong and durable.

Material: Stainless steel
Item No.: 
C8420  300mm gauge

C8421  500mm gauge