Inform is a modular piece of furniture. Straight and curved elements can be used as freestanding counters or randomly combined. The design of the table tops and side panels creates a continuous surrounding frame which unites the single elements into an expressive optical unit. The counter is available in two heights; 740 and 1000 mm as well as a height adjustable module. The counter is also suitable for use with RFID systems upon special request.

The rectangular, 45° curved and 90°curved elements can be used as a single, freestanding counter or be combined in a number of ways to create the counter for your special needs.
Combine the standard rectangular or curved counter with a module with recessed front. The design allows for easy access on both sides of the counter and is also suited for wheelchair use. The front panel is placed 30 cm from the front of the counter.


There are dierent options for adding display and storage solutions to the Inform counter. They include corner display units and display cabinets with display on the front and storage at the back.

Add functions to the Inform counter to make it more functional and user friendly. Functions include counter shelves, bag shelves, counter top parts, info signs, decorative boards and stickers on front panels.


The height adjustable counter is a double construction with a moveable upper part and a fixed lower part. The moveable part of the counter slides along the walls of the fixed parts excluding possible safety risks. With the electrical driven height adjustable counter, you can adjust your working height ranging between 680 mm and 1180 mm.

Info Pod XL & Info Pod LED  Adjustable information desk

Info Pod with a more generous work surface. Fitted with smart cable lead-throughs in the tops.  Or equipped with LED lighting (placed under the “skirt”). Includes adjustable feet and castors.