Easy Access & Moving

RFID Smart Cart
Smart Cart is real-time processing equipment for library management with RFID technology. 

It is scanning books through antenna array and realizes the functions of check-in, inventory, locating, lost book finding etc.

Classic Display Trolley
With easily adjustable shelves and sturdy castors, this book trolley can be used as a mini shelving system that can be moved around in the library where needed.

Book Bin, spring loaded
Used for Book Return or Sorting Systems. Equipped with spring loaded platform, keeps the books always on same level to reduce the waist bending.
Designed to prevent materials from falling to bottom.

Classic Solid Wood Truck
Standard width double-faced, solid wood, display shelf book truck. Constructed of premium solid oak. Two sloping shelves and one flat bottom shelf.

Forward-Facing Trolley
Designed to provide a good overview of the books you want to manage. The frame is designed to provide an easy-grip for people of all heights.

In-door Book Return

Easily positioned, mobile cabinet. Mobile book return cabinet with a lockable side, for easy access to returned books. Interior equipped with a cushioned tray, and a track that softens the impact of drops.