End Panel Displays

Self-adhesive Magnetic Frame              Frames for smooth surfaces

The self-adhesive magnetic frames (Duraframe®) attach easily on any smooth surface such as doors, windows, walls, end panels etc.
Thanks to a magnetic opening, you can quickly and easily exchange information.

Item No.: E3770/E3771 A3, gold/silver

           E3764/E3767 A4, gold/silver

        E3765/E3768 A5, gold/silver

DISPLAY HOLDER FOR SLAT PANELS       Elegant and flexible front display

A collection of acrylic holders suitable for slat display panels and Quattro book tower.
The displays are easily moved around to create flexible display solutions for books, AV-media such as CD/DVDs, magazines, brochures, etc.

Item No.: C7012    M, clear

        C7012L  L, clear

        C7012W Wide, clear

CUBE DISPLAY HOLDER    For walls and end panels

Smart, wall-hung acrylic display holder in sturdy acrylic with excellent detail finish.
Rear-folding spacer mounts creates a stylish space.

Item No.: E6726 Cube, 500x160x220mm

GAVLA SHELF DISPLAY    For sturdy end panels

Versatile holder for front-facing display of books.
Works with most shelving systems with sturdy end panels.    Simply place on a suitable shelf using the bracket.

Item No.: E3570 Gavla

SHARP DISPLAY SHELF                        Classy metal display

Multi functional display list for books, paintings etc.
Group in different lengths on wall, use one on an end panel or place several after each other in an effective and eye-catching line.

Item No.:   E7690/E7691  W280mm, White/Steel look

      E7692/E7693  W580mm, White/Steel look

      E7694/E7695  W1000mm, White/Steel Look

DISPLAY SHELFClassy display

Versatile shelf for wall mounting with front edge.
Position individually or group several laterally or vertically. With pre-drilled screw holes.
Made of painted MDF, fixing devices for walls or end panels are not included.

Item No.:  E82850/E82853 W500mm, White/Black

         E82851/E82854 W750mm, White/Black

      E82852/E82855 W1000mm, White/Black