Wall Displays

TreeWall Display  Create attractive display solutions
Flexible and and eye-catching display rails for books and other media that are as decorative as they are useful.
The possibilities are practically endless – show off new arrivals or provide space for a temporary art or photo exhibition. Let visitors reap the fruits of what you want to show off!
Width: 1922mm Depth: 100mm  Height: 1650mm

Colour: Spring(green)/Winter(white)  Material: lacquered metal

Item No.:   E3816  On a Green Twig             E3817  On a Bare Twig (White)

      E3814  Green Trunk             E3796  Green Twigs small, pair

      E3798 Green Twigs Medium, pair  E3800  Green Twigs Large, pair

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Quby Display and Exhibition Units

An incredibly versatile bookcase module, Quby is made in roto-moulded polyethylene. Thanks to its shape, it easily accommodates books of all sizes, DVDs and CDs and can be rested on the floor or combined and re-combined at will.   

Item No.: B7033 Quby Cell, Black or White, 440x330x440mm

Hexa Book Display Case

Hexa is a modular bookcase made in polyethylene and inspired by nature.  Its cellular structure allows various ways to interconnect and interrelate, creating volumes that integrate the single modules in a flexible way into any kind of environment and usage. The hexagonal shape of Hexa has got a double reason: aesthetic and useful.

Item No.: S7031  Hexa modular bookcase  1980x370x1120mm, different colours available


Modular shelves of linear aesthetics in vertical and horizontal disposition, that allow multiple compositions to suit the needs of each space.

Dimensions: BALDA_M 995x190x120mm; BALDA_S 180x190x310mm

Colour: Black or White

Item No.: S7026 BALDA_M  S7027 BALDA_S

Popular display rail.

We have gathered the popular Owl family here as a focal point for books and other media in the form of a decorative and eye-catching wall-mounted front display rail.
A clear and longed for family reunion!
Item No.: E3391  Red

Functional display and storage for books, DVD's and other media. Place on wall or shelf end panel with integrated key hole mounting. The depth of the display is well suited for larger books.

Item No.:  E7689 White

Functional and efficient display of magazines, brochures or other printed media.

Hang single or multiple together.

Item No.: E7698 White

Fin is a painted steel modular shelf, for wall mounting, that brings to mind the fin of a dolphin and is sold in pairs with its twin.

Item No.: B7025  White or Black, pair

Owl and all of his friends are equipped with keyhole attachments for wall mount.